Intersections are more than a place were two roads meet. In aviation, intersections are the place to check the flight plan and stay on course.  In every life there are points where we can check our course and change direction. What we do with these intersections is up to us, but they do provide a navigational system to chart a path through complex lives.

Often people recognize these intersections, but lack the understanding to choose well.  Navigating life intersections is often haphazard and accidental even while most people hunger for purpose and meaning.

These navigational checkpoints are places of opportunity. If we become willing to seek God here, we will find God. These intersections are sacred, and best understood through prayer.

There are specific techniques in prayer that work, and some popular techniques that can lead to very disappointing results. The choice to navigate life through prayer changes things in very unexpected ways, and sometimes things are not always as they seem.

This site is here to provide strategies for life navigation – navigation based on prayer during these Sacred Intersections.

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