The Door Knob Concept – Cynical or Mystical?

It is, for me, a comfort and a marvel that something as complex as a Higher Power is gracious enough to respond once we decide to ask with humility. And amazing to me that when we are genuine, what we call this Higher Power doesn’t seem to matter. Really – would you enjoy being mistaken for a Door Knob? I would find it rather offensive.

Someone commented that this is a very mystical approach to God. I have to think more about that.

This concept grew out of cynicism and a desire for trust. The only mystical aspect of this, that I see, is that I prayed. After seeing too many claims about God that don’t hold water and losing trust in those who were supposed to know all about God – I did still pray. I asked if there was a way to trust and saw addicts call a higher power “door knob” and recover. In that, I see real, tangible results. Results that reassure my cynic enough to trust. Is that mystical?

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2 Responses to The Door Knob Concept – Cynical or Mystical?

  1. Pat Minogue says:

    Neither Mystical nor Cynical—mystical would imply that it has a spiritual reality, is obscure, or is unintelligible (dictionary definition). Cynical implies something motivated by selfish concerns or a scornful skepticisim (the base of this is anger).
    I think it is actually logical–that is relating something that is known to something that is unknown, thus avoiding an overly emotional attachment and creating a type of allegory.

  2. Lissa J. Blood says:

    Are you aware of the interpretation of that schmaltzy painting of Jesus knocking on the door? There is no door knob on the outside. God in Jesus stands at the door and knocks, but the person who needs him has to open the door from the inside, himself.

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