Cosmic Doorknobs

I title this post only half in jest. I get more search engine traffic here based on doorknobs and God than any other topic. About a year ago, there was some talk in a forum about how awful the 12 steps are, and how anyone looking at any sort of higher power obviously drank the Kool-Aid.

The result was that I stopped posting for awhile and gave the comments, which I did not publish here, a bit of thought.

In that time, I’ve seen some awesome things that simply reinforce my belief that sincere prayer to God brings results. Whether it is prayer using beads, prayer in tongues, prayer by people turned off by a certain religion, prayer alone or prayer in groups, prayer does change things. Mostly it changes the person praying.

The hows and whys of this remain a mystery, but my life experience continues to provide evidence that whatever we are praying to responds as long as we are sincere. This is true even if we sincerely reference a divine presence as a doorknob. Sincerity of heart seems to matter more than correct theology.

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