How it started

The full story of how Sacred Intersections started turned out to be one of the first classes I gave. There’s little drama, some suspense, and I may tell the full story one day. It was a rocky period where I learned that you don’t have to be the addict to have a dramatic story. My life turned inside out and while seeking God, I found myself making prayer beads.

It nearly stopped at the “those are cool – you should do something with that” stage and I had no idea what to do next. Then came a really unusual series of fortunate events – a sort of a sacred intersection if you will – and I got support from the Kentron Foundation.

Currently there is a series of customizable seminars, presentations and classes, beads for sale over at Etsy, and plans for an ebook on prayer with beads in addition to this website.

If you are interested in more information or in scheduling a class, please head over to the contact page and I’ll be in touch soon.


I am not a doctor, minister, social worker or any other kind of credentialed professional. Here I should tell you, and I also believe, that getting professional advice before making decisions is important. If you want to learn more about the original 12 Step Program check out this link to Alcoholics Anonymous.

All of this is based on personal insights over years of experiences and is not representative of or endorsed by any program – 12 step or anything else. While I am Christian, I am influenced in my thinking by the 12 steps, a wide variety of Christian denominations, self-help books (I have quite a library), philosophy (especially Kierkegaard), near death experience research, and world views other than Christianity. The ideas have developed over years and under many influences – I can longer pin-point when or where I discovered or embraced a specific way of seeing things.


What’s all this about a DoorKnob?

Sacred Intersections draws heavily on concepts from the 12 Step Recovery movement, and is Christian based. Though the “Doorknob Concept of God” raises the eyebrows of my more conventional Christian friends, I find it remains a way to clear out the cultural baggage we often gain in life and approach God in a new way.  I trust God enough to believe that every sincere heart is answered.

I didn’t always hold that view – but you can only see so much and not reach a logical conclusion. God answers prayer and we don’t have to know about God to know God. A way of circumventing our stereotypes of God is to fall back on the “DoorKnob Concept of God”.   You can read about that here.

Do you believe the beads are magical?

No. The beads are not enchanted. There is science behind it.  Just as children prefer to learn through seeing a problem solved, hearing a story about it, or by doing it, we have preferred styles of prayer. Using beads in prayer creates a mind-body connection. And that’s not magic. You can learn more about them here.