Cosmic Doorknobs

I title this post only half in jest. I get more search engine traffic here based on doorknobs and God than any other topic. About a year ago, there was some talk in a forum about how awful the 12 steps are, and how anyone looking at any sort of higher power obviously drank the Kool-Aid.

The result was that I stopped posting for awhile and gave the comments, which I did not publish here, a bit of thought.

In that time, I’ve seen some awesome things that simply reinforce my belief that sincere prayer to God brings results. Whether it is prayer using beads, prayer in tongues, prayer by people turned off by a certain religion, prayer alone or prayer in groups, prayer does change things. Mostly it changes the person praying.

The hows and whys of this remain a mystery, but my life experience continues to provide evidence that whatever we are praying to responds as long as we are sincere. This is true even if we sincerely reference a divine presence as a doorknob. Sincerity of heart seems to matter more than correct theology.

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Part of Why the Doorknob Concept Works – Boundaries

I am consistently amazed at the creativity people apply to thoughts of spirituality. Apparently, even before visiting this site, there are folks with visions of 12 step meetings that start with a ritual prayer to “The Great Doorknob In The Sky.”

For those in doubt, I can attest that I have never witnessed this, nor do I have personal experience with icons or other sacred images of door knobs. If such activity happens, it’s not something I’ve ever seen. When the “DoorKnob Concept of God” works, it is a way of perceiving God which creates the space needed for individual thought. It is, in part, about spiritual boundaries.

Religious conviction and enthusiasm and good things. So is ice cream. Receiving information about God from a enthusiastic person with great conviction is too often like eating a diet of nothing but ice cream. It’s all good stuff, but there isn’t much room for personal interaction with food if you have no room for individual taste. There isn’t much room for relationship with a Higher Power if you have no room for individual private thoughts.

Sometimes religious fervor turns into dominance. This leads to submission to God rather than relationship with God. It’s a fine line, but a line which makes a great deal of difference. Love has room to breathe, to relate and to ask questions. Dominance simply rules, and there is little room for love. What I know of God includes freely choosing God. It includes not liking what God has to say and taking time to accept what I hear. Most importantly, it includes an alternative to punishment for transgression. That alternative is forgiveness and love.

One reason the doorknob concept works is the room to get to know God and have a relationship rather than submit to dominance and control. I believe this is a stage in a process of spiritual healing. It requires willingness, genuine desire and the radical choice to act as if God is real. Even if I call God a door knob.

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Set of Beads

Purple glass beads

set of prayer beads

There are a few people reading here who haven’t seen a set of the beads, so I’m posting a few photos.

Moss Agate

A set of Moss Agate beads in the design for the Serenity Prayer.

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The Door Knob Concept – Cynical or Mystical?

It is, for me, a comfort and a marvel that something as complex as a Higher Power is gracious enough to respond once we decide to ask with humility. And amazing to me that when we are genuine, what we call this Higher Power doesn’t seem to matter. Really – would you enjoy being mistaken for a Door Knob? I would find it rather offensive.

Someone commented that this is a very mystical approach to God. I have to think more about that.

This concept grew out of cynicism and a desire for trust. The only mystical aspect of this, that I see, is that I prayed. After seeing too many claims about God that don’t hold water and losing trust in those who were supposed to know all about God – I did still pray. I asked if there was a way to trust and saw addicts call a higher power “door knob” and recover. In that, I see real, tangible results. Results that reassure my cynic enough to trust. Is that mystical?

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First Presentation – A Huge Thanks to WellWithin

I want to extend a huge thanks WellWithin and especially to those who were at the presentation on prayer beads March 15th. WellWithin provided a lovely, intimate setting that encouraged discussion and sharing during the presentation and the result exceeded my expectations.

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