Door Knobs

I call it “The Door Knob Concept of God”, but it’s not my idea. It is, however, the best way of restoring relationship with God that I’ve ever encountered. For those of us who have heard so much about God being this, that, or the other thing until we’ve become confused about which God is the real one,
the Door Knob Concept brings it back to basics.

If you visit enough 12 step programs, eventually you will run across a tale of someone who, when faced with belief in a Higher Power, was so disillusioned with religion, firmly atheistic or otherwise offended by well meaning but self-righteous individuals, that he or she picked a door knob as a Higher Power. Though the tale sounds like an urban legend of the recovery world, it does happen. And people who choose a door knob, tree, fencepost, headlight or windshield-wiper as a Higher Power still get better.

I find this immensely comforting. These individuals choosing inanimate Higher Powers did not swear on a religious text, attend a ceremony, receive a blessing from a human leader of great authority, bathe, pierce body parts, chant, dance or otherwise contort themselves in order to fit external expectations. That means I don’t have to either.

These individuals did hit a point of admitting limits – powerlessness over some substance or issue in life beyond their control. And they did genuinely entertain the thought that some unknown power could help them find sanity. That’s all. It’s both that easy, and that hard.

I’ve seen it – and though I didn’t pick a door knob for a Higher Power, I take great comfort in the idea that I don’t have to attend a minimum number of church services, memorize texts, convert other people and never question authority in order to connect with a Higher Power. That “Door Knobbers” get better tells me the following:

1) God isn’t insulted by me if I’m the wrong denomination.

2) The particulars of any religion aren’t as essential as some religious people think they are.

This evidence of a Higher Power is my bedrock- it is evident, real, and gracious. I see that even when other people call their Higher Power a door knob, that Higher Power responds and I know that even if I make mistakes, my Higher Power still responds.